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8 Tips to remember while doing the Directory Submission

First thing that you must remember about directory submission is that there is no such thing as fast approving directories. If there are any then it means that accept all the links submitted in them without a thorough check which can lead to have links that have no value or negative value to the directory website and then to yours. To get a good directory list is not an easy task and most of the good directories are paid now, so how can one get a good directory list which will submit your link for free. Well the truth is you can’t, all the directory list that you’ll find on the internet is all the same bloggers copy paste the content modified it a little bit to make it original and then post it on their blog. If you sort them you’ll find that the list is almost same.

So the best way to get a good list is to get it yourself. There are few things that you should remember before starting.

  1. Same theme of a website can mean that it is owned by a single man and is hosted on the same server but this is not always true, there could be some exception.
  2. You should check their ip addresses, same ip addresses won’t help in promoting your site worldwide.
  3. If the website is inactive then you’ll be wasting your time by submitting your link in it.
  4. Directory which approve the links but keep them NoFollow are also not good website.
  5. Directories without any captcha code in their submit page are most likely to get spammed then other one which have the captcha code system on their submission form.
  6. If you are going for a paid link then you must remember that a direct link on sidebar will not help at all but it will decrease the value of your website in Google’s algorithm. On the other hand a link to an internal page of that directory website which has your link is better.
  7. Check the category page for indexation in Google, if the URL of that category is not indexed is not indexed in Google then there is no use of submitting your link in it even if it is getting approved.
    1. Remember one more thing if the category has pages because of already submitted and approved links then check the last page of that category for indexation, because your link will be placed back there.
    2. If there are more than 10 pages, don’t go for the submission.
  8. Many website has stats widget on their sidebar showing the stats of approved, pending urls and count of their categories and sub-categories. Check that widget if the approved link are 10 times less than the pending ones, then that website could be inactive or only accepts paid link even if has free submission option. So don’t go for it as well.

One thought on “8 Tips to remember while doing the Directory Submission”

  1. Puneet Sharma says:

    Great tips you have been shared here admin..I will apply these instructions on my website from now onwards. Thanks for sharing such a great tips about directory submissions..Hope this article will also helpful to other SEO webmasters!!

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