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How to Speed up page load time?

Speeding up a webpage is a good thing which helps you to gain some better Google rankings and also the user won’t get tired of waiting for the site to load and go away, thus it decreases the bounce rate. Google like those websites which


Working with .htaccess file

Htaccess file a small but an important file that control that how you webpage will be displayed. It has instructions regarding redirects, compression, cache-control (leverage browser caching), rewriting urls etc. So it is an important thing that you must know working with .htaccess file. However

sharing button

Social Sharing Buttons Plugin Launched

Hi Everyone, I am learning php and wordpress now and have made this social sharing buttons plugin which will automatically adds sharing buttons of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. the icons will be places before and after the blog content as you can see in

DoFollow NoFollow

NoFollow and DoFollow – The Difference

The words NoFollow and DoFollow that exists in seo world meant only one thing and that is about the property of a link. Yes, when you make a link in HTML, you write it like this : <a href=””>Anchor Text</a> But there are many attributes

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14 Best Free Responsive WordPress Blog Themes

WpExplorer is a renowned theme creators who have launched many beautiful wordpress themes for bloggers. They got many free and paid templates and some of those the best free wordpress themes are as follows, mixed with the awesome art by some other famous theme developers.


Setup a Custom Domain on Blogger with Hostgator

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Hostgator Following are the steps to setup your custom domain name for blogger through Hostgator hosting account. 1. Login in to your Hostagator Hosting account or you can just access your cPanel by following methods. Add cpanel

Supernova WordPress Free Premium Theme

Supernova WordPress Theme

Supernova WordPress Theme Supernova has been specially designed for blogging websites however due to its clean design and plenty of customization options, it can easily be customized for any purpose.